Check if you have assigned the subscription correctly.

Click "subscriptions" in the menu your dashboard, and then click the "subscriptions" button. Assign the subscription to your current Hopper or create a new one.

More about assigning subscriptions is found here:

More about creating new Hoppers is found here:

Is your subscription not between the active subscriptions list and have you paid with BTC or another Crypto? Give it some time. We need 6 confirmations before the subscription will be active. As we all know, the BTC blockchain isn't very fast. 

You've checked the active subscriptions and you've waited and it's still not there? 

Please create a support ticket. In this ticket include the following information:

If you paid using PayPal, please include the email address you use for PayPal.

If you paid using Cryptocurrencies, please include the payment details. (txID, precise amount etc).

Most errors regarding payment using cryptocurrencies happen because the fee amount is not correctly included in the amount. Keep this in mind for your next payment!

After verifying we will immediately assign you your kangaroo hopper.