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The trading history

Hi there, Hoppers!

One of our most important overviews according to many hoppers is the trade history.

If you want to see what your hopper has been up to while you have been going about your daily life, here is the place to look!

When you open the trade history it will show you a table filled with data, read it from left to right.


This lists the bought currency ETH for example!


This lists the trading pair, handy to see if you have been trading with a different base currency before, ETHBTC for example will tell you that you have purchased BTC with Ethereum.


The order type can be a couple of things, Most common is buy and sell, for shorting we have Buy (short) and sell (short).


This will show you exactly at what time and on which date the asset was bought.


This lists the amount of currency bought for a position


This lists at which rate the currency was bought.


If the exchange you are using has a fee structure this will tell you how much fee you have paid, do note that the hopper doesn't calculate the fee with profit gained/lost.


This is the total amount of base currency you have spent on the position.


If a sell is made, a result will be logged, this can be either green (profit) red (Loss) or gray (short)


This lists which event triggered the trade, manual buying, a signaler signaling something, take profit or trailing stop loss are all triggers


If you want more in depth info of the trade, click on info !

Happy Hopping!

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