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Hi there, Hoppers!

When navigating to the chart section of your hopper you will see a charting tool which allows you to watch the charts of your favorite currency.

We have a trading view integration for as far as this is possible. If your exchange doesn't allow for trading view charts you will see our old charts.

Getting the trading view chart

we are moving towards using Trading view as a medium to load up all our charts. However it's not base-line yet. If your exchange supports it please do the following to enable the charts:

1. scroll all the way down in the left panel of your dashboard until you see "User profile"

2. click it!

3. look to the right, you will see a small panel that reads "chart source"

4. change this to Tradingview

If the exchange you are using supports Tradingview charts you can freely use them on our platform!

Happy Hopping!

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