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Config tester

Hi there, Hoppers!

In the tab next to the config finder, is the config tester. 

here you can backtest the config you are currently using and make slight alterations to see if a certain setting would have performed better.

A quick overview of the settings:


This dropdown menu lets you choose a coin which is an available trading pair for your base-currency.

Load config

Load your current configuration in the backtester and check how your current settings would've performed.

Candle size

This is a very important one, it will dictate what type of trading you are going to do, short candlesize is usually a quick in and out, small profit/trade but much trades while longer timeframes usually have big profit/trade but less trades, it's all a matter of taste.

Sell based on strategy

If you have a strategy you like and want it to dictate when your hopper buys and sells, enable this.

Take profit at

At which percentage do you want the hopper to sell your asset for profit.


If you want to keep your losses under control, use a stop loss which will sell the asset for you if it went down too much, this means that you will sell at a loss!

Trailing stop-loss

This feature allows you to start riding the trend upward and sell whenever the asset dropped a certain amount, thus allowing you to catch spikes.

trailing stop-buy

Trailing stop loss but reversed, whenever the asset drops and rises a certain amount the hopper will buy, allowing you to catch the dips.

Show/hide config settings

In here you can alter your Multiple TA settings, play around with them and see which suits you best!

Select period

The time period in which you want to see how many trades have been done.

Start backtest

After setting everything the way you want it, click on this button to start and see your results.

Fair warning though, the backtester always checks Ideal circumstances.

1. you have infinite money to open as many positions as you want to (whenever your TA aligns)

2. your buy and sell orders always get filled immediately.

Make sure to take this into account when creating your strategy!

Happy Hopping!

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