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becoming a signaler

Hi there, Hoppers!

In the signals tab of the hopper you can actually apply to become a signaler for your fellow hoppers! 

In order to apply as a signaler follow these steps :

1. click apply now (bottom of the page)

2. Fill in the name of your signals 

3. fill in the description

4. determine whether you send signals for all exchanges

5. determine if the signals should be paid or free (we advise starting out as a free signaler and transitioning to a paid one later)

6. fill in your social platforms (we always check to see if the signaler has a following and/or track record

7. fill in your motivation

As a paid signaler you receive 85% of the charged comission (I.E if you have a 10 usd subscription fee, you will receive 8,50 per user)

A Cryptohopper representative will make sure everything is in order and if approved add you to the signalers

Happy Hopping!

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