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Configuration Pools

Hi there, Hoppers!

When you need just that little bit of extra customization, the use of config pools is highly suggested! 

These pools allow you to alter the way your hopper behaves for certain coins, make slight tweaks compared to your normal config or change it up all together.

When you navigate to your configuration pools tab on your hopper and don't have a pool in place yet, you have the option to create one.

It will show you a brief overview of the basic dashboard, listing every functionality of the hopper, allowing you to make alterations in it, name your pool and pick the coins for which the pool applies.

Editing Your Config Pool

When you have a config pool in place, you are free to edit it by clicking on the blue edit button.

Alternatively you can share the config pool or Delete it completely.

Things to Keep in Mind

In the event of your hopper behaving strangely, it might be due to the config pool you have in place for one of your coins, as the pool overrules your base-config, make sure to look here first!

Happy Hopping!

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