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The base configuration

Hi there, hoppers!

The base config is the brain of your hopper, it will allow you to set up how the hopper does what it does best, buying and selling!

When clicking on the base config you will be greeted with a big overview of everything, we will try to break them down in the same way here.


Basic Settings

  • Name | Name your hopper!
  • Live bot | Enable this to place actual buys and sells instead of just testing it


  • Exchange | Fill in the exchange of your choice.
  • API key | Fill in your API key, created in the exchange.
  • API Secret | Fill in your API key secret.


  • Notification on Trade | Get a message whenever the hopper performs a trade. 
  • Notification on Trade Error | Get a message whenever your hopper is unable to complete the trade.
  • Notify on Cancelled Order | Get a message whenever the hopper runs into a problem.


Buy Settings

  • Percentage Lower Bid | Bid X percent lower then the current ticker rate of the exchange (leave blankt to bid on the current ticker).
  • Max Open Time Buy | The maximum amount of minutes the hopper will keep the trade open, if it fails to fill within the timeframe the hopper won't buy.
  • Max Open Positions | The maximum open positions you allow the hopper to have (keep the subscription limitations in mind).
  • Max Percentage Open Positions per Coin | the percentage of max open positions you want to dedicate to a coin (100 max open positions 10% max open positions per coin = 10 max open positions per coin.
  • Only One Open Buy Order per Coin | Don't allow more than 1 open buy order (not to be confused with the open positions) per coin, if your hopper finds a opportunity for the coin while an order for that coin is still open, it won't buy.
  • Only Buy When There are Positive Pairs | Only buy a coin if it has had a positive 24h change.
  • Enable Cooldown | Enable a cooldown after an event
  • Cooldown When | Go into cooldown whenever there is a buy, a sell or both
  • Cooldown Period | The amount of time you want to pass before the hopper can buy again

Coins and Amounts

  • Base currency | Choose the currency you want to trade to and from, BTC as base currency will let you trade BTC pairs.
  • Allowed coins | Pick which coins you allow the hopper to track
  • Percentage Buy Amount | How much % of your max amount allocated you want to spend per position
  • Minimum Amount per Order | The minimum value the order needs to have, if an order anything lower than that would've been made the hopper cancels it.
  • Maximum Amount Allocated | the maximum amount of base currency you want to use in total (don't fill in anything in order to use all your base currency).


  • Strategy | This can be either through the use of Technical analysis. Use our section Strategy to create a strategy based on technical indicators and candlestick patterns.
  • Signals Only | This setting tells the hopper to trade exclusively on signals
  • Number of Targets to Buy | If you have a very aggressive TA you can tell the hopper to buy everything that fits the criteria, or tell it to limit it's buys to 2 only.
  • Advanced Settings | When using Multiple TA you can alter the advanced settings and build your configuration using Technical indicators. Make sure you know what they do before attempting this! (play with the backtesting tool to find a config you might like!).

Trailing stop-buy

  • Enable | This enables the Trailing stop buy function (trail the coin down until it rises a set percentage and buy it when it does).
  • Trailing stop buy percentage | The percentage the asset can rise before being bought.


Sell Settings

  • Take profit at | At which percentage you want the hopper to take profit and get out the trade.
  • Max Open Time Sell | The maximum amount of minutes you allow the sell order to be open before the hopper cancels it.
  • Percentage Higher Ask | the percentage you want the hopper to try to sell the asset more expensive than the current orderbook.

sell strategy

  • Sell based on strategy | let your analysis take over completely and sell whenever it signals a sell order.
  • Hold assets when new target is the same | if you are about to sell the coin but your analysis is signaling a buy the hopper will keep the asset instead of selling it only to buy it back again since the analysis said so.

stop loss

  • Enable | This will enable stop-loss.
  • Stop-Loss Percentage | Fill in a positive number here, it will act as the stop loss for your order 5 for a -5% order for example. If left blank stop loss won't trigger at all.

trailing stop-loss

  • Enable | This enables the trailing stop loss feature of Cryptohopper.
  • Trailing Stop-Loss Percentage | fill in the amount the asset can drop before selling it.
  • Arm Trailing Stop-Loss at | fill in the amount at which the hopper can start looking for the Trailing stop loss percentage.
  • Use Trailing Stop-Loss Only | If switched on the hopper will only use TSL as a selling method and ignore percentage profit completely.
  • Reset Stop-Loss After Failed Orders | Reset the arm switch if the TSL sell fails to sell.
  • Only Sell With Profit | Only issue the sell order if TSL will make a profit.


  • Enable | Enables auto closing of positions.
  • Close Positions After X Time Open | Automatically close the position after it has been open for a set timeframe.

Shorting Settings

  • Reset Position After Closed Short | Causes the short to start at 0% instead of the position.
  • Restore Position After Short | When enabled the original settings of the open position are restored when a short position is closed and the position is being opened again.
  • Automatic Shorting | Enable automatic shorting. This will enable your hopper to automatically open short positions.
  • Max Open Short Positions | The number of maximum open short positions your hopper may have.
  • Open Short Based on Strategy | When enabled short positions will be opened when your strategy signals a sell. This will override the setting: sell with strategy.
  • Close Short Based on Strategy | When enabled short positions will be closed when your strategy signals a buy.
  • Always Short Instead of Sell | When enabled short positions will be opened when an open position gets sold with profit, autoclose, stop-loss or trailing stop-loss.
  • Shorting Percentage Profit | Enter the percentage of profit you want to make on each short. Whenever a short position over this percentage, the short position will be closed.
  • Use Actual Profit | When enabled the actual profit calculation is used for percentage profit calculation and for the trailing stop-short.
  • Trailing Stop Short | This will trail the profit percentage downwards, tracking a short position that is gaining until the price starts to go up again.
  • Trailing Stop Short Percentage | the trailing stop short percentage it can down before closing the short.
  • Arm Trailing Stop Short at | Enter the percentage you want the trailing stop-short to start trailing.
  • Use trailing stop short only | When enabled this will disable the take profit percentage and only use the trailing stop-short to close a short position.
  • Auto close shorts within time | If enabled the hopper will automatically close short positions after X time.
  • Close shorts after X time open | When enabled short positions will be opened when your strategy signals a sell. This will override the setting: sell with strategy.
  • Auto remove shorts within time | If enabled the hopper will automatically remove short positions after X time.
  • Remove shorts after X time open | Select the timeframe after you want short positions to be automatically removed.
  • Do not buy back on loss | When enabled short positions will be removed instead of bought back when the signal comes in to close the position and the short is in a loss
  • Ignore max open positions | When enabled the max open positions number is ignored when a short position is closed and bought back.

dollar cost averaging

  • Enable | The DCA option tells the Hopper to buy more of a loss-making coin (it will triple your holding) to try to trade out of the loss.
  • DCA after X time open | Select the timeframe after you want DCA orders for positions to be created.
  • DCA max retries | The maximum of DCA orders that may be created for a specific coin.
  • DCA set percentage trigger | Configure the percentage after which you want the DCA feature to place a new order.
  • DCA buy immediately | Select if you want to trigger the buy immediately when the configured percentage loss hits or just let the DCA feature buy the coin when your strategy signals a buy for the coin.
  • DCA order size | Select if you want to place an order for the same amount your currently having for a currency and doubling your total (Double down) or triple down for tripling.



  • Enable | If enabled your hopper will look for arbitrage possibilities every run and when available try to perform arbitrage.
  • Taker trading fee | Enter your exchange taker trading fee. the hopper needs this to calculate profit of the arbitrage.
  • Arbitrage min profit | Enter the minimum percentage profit you want to make on each arbitrage.
  • Arbitrage buy amount | Enter the buy amount you want to use for arbitrage.
  • Arbitrage only allowed coins | Select if you only want to use your allowed coins for arbitrage, because some times arbitrage can fail to quickly make buys and sells and this can leave you with an open position.
  • Arbitrage fill or kill | If enabled arbitrage will place fill or kill orders, these orders will fail if they cannot be filled immediately.

That concludes the baseconfig of your hopper, use this as a reference whenever you are in doubt about a certain feature! 

Happy Hopping!

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