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I entered the right email and password but I can not log in

Hi There, Hoppers!

If you are unable to log in to your account there are several things that could be causing this issue :

1. You have made a typo

Make sure that everything typed in is done 100% correctly

2. You have been (temporarily) blocked from our platform

This happens whenever we have received a whole array of Disputes, or whenever you have abused something in our system, send our support staff a ticket and we will see what caused the block.

3. The e-mail u are using is no longer in use

Do not use a 10 minute e-mail adress, as we will need it to reset your password, contact you about anything, or let you know how your trading went.

If all of these steps don't apply, please use the password reset tool (

If the password reset doesn't work either, please send our support staff a message, they will help you out!

Happy Hopping!

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