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How does DCA work?

Hi there, Hoppers!

DCA works on the following Parameters:

Enable (this can be either "on" or "off")

DCA after X time open (This will tell DCA after which timeframe it has to initiate a DCA buy order, ranging from 5 minutes tot 6 months)

DCA max retries (This will let the hopper know how many times it can issue a DCA order, preventing it from eating away all your funds)

DCA set percentage trigger (This parameter will let the hopper know after how much of a drop it can start a DCA order regardless of X time open) Fill in a positive number here!

DCA buy immediately (this option will let the hopper know if it should DCA immediately once one of the criteria has been hit, or whenever your TA signals a buy and your DCA criteria has been hit)

DCA order size (This will let your hopper know if it should double or triple down every DCA order!)

For more information:

Happy hopping!

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