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My signals aren't working

Hi there, hoppers!

Many hoppers prefer the use of External signalers over creating their own configuration, which is fine.

However, sometimes hoppers have some trouble receiving the signals. Below is a list of our most known errors and ways to resolve them.

  • Constant time-outs

Whenever a coin gets signaled it's very possible that the market has shifted a little bit, Normally the hopper places a limit order at the current price. If the market is shifted and this order will not be filled the position will time-out and not be bought.

Solution: Use percentage higher bid, this will bid a bit higher then the current ticker price, meaning the order has a bigger chance of being filled. Use Market orders, not possible on all exchanges, but some allow market orders to be placed through API, meaning that most of the times the order will be filled. Unless the market is shifting extremely rapidly, time-outs won't happen anymore.

  • Not receiving signals at all

Signalers tend to have a preferred market, a preferred trading pair and a preferred base-currency. Check which coins your signaler of choice is sending out the most and alter your hopper accordingly.

Solution: Check which coins the signaler is sending and in which base pair, alter your hopper to that and make sure that the coins you allow to be traded in your config match the coins your favorite signaler tends to send (Hero users can use  all signals option for this).

For more information:

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Happy Hopping!

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