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Linked to my exchange, but nothing happens.

Did you follow all the steps but still it looks like nothing is happening? Check the steps underneath to find the problem. 

Check correct API keys

Have you double checked if you filled in the right API public and secret key? Check if there is whitespace around the API keys and if the API keys are correct. Re-enter them just to be sure. You can try to generate a new public/secret key as well.

If you filled in a wrong API key, your Hopper gives the following error:

2017-08-21 16:21:30 UTC - ERROR - Could not get open orders: Invalid API key/secret pair.

Balance in collect currency

Does your hopper has a balance in the currency which you selected as collect currency in your hoppers configuration? Check if there are enough funds on your exchange account.

Buying and selling enabled

Is your Hopper/buying/selling enabled? Look in you Hopper dashboard on the right.

Still not running?

If you hopper is still not running after checking these steps, please contact support.

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