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Automatic Trading

The holy grail of trading, and probably the reason why you’re here in the first place: automatic trading.

Automatic trading is a revolutionary way of trading and hasn’t been available for retail traders for so long. The reason: it can be quite complicated. Luckily, making automatic trading easy is our core business.

There are several ways to start your automatic trading adventure, each with their own difficulty. We will cover the following automated trading methods: Semi-automatic tradingcopy trading, and fully automatic trading

Semi-Automatic Trading

This way of automated trading can be useful for those who aren’t ready to dive deep in the world of algorithms and algorithmic trading and for those who like to keep the buying decisions by themselves.

With semi-automatic trading, you are the one who opens up trades, but use the bot to sell them automatically. This way, you can do your own analysis on the price, but utilize our unique features to sell automatically.

There are several tools that are useful for semi-automatic traders. We will describe them shortly, but also prove a link to a more extensive explanation. We divide these tools in 2 groups: buying & selling. Some of these tools help you to buy for better prices, while others help to sell automatically en with even better profits.


Tools that could be helpful when buying are the Trailing stop-buyDCAShort, and Trailing stop-short. These features may sound complicated, but they’re quite simple!

When you buy, you never know if you’ve purchased at the bottom. This is impossible to know, but it is possible to get help from a bot! Use the Trailing Stop-Buy (TSB) to delay your buy and track the price. TSB will keep tracking the price down until it goes up. When it goes up, it will initiate the buy order and voila!

Have you bought a position, but it went down, and you’re in a loss? Use DCA or (Trailing Stop-)Short

DCA (or Dollar Cost Averaging) is a technique that’s used to average out your buying price or is used as the “Martingale technique”, which you use when a position is in a deep loss. The assumption is that a crypto price will rise eventually, so if you keep doubling your investment, your average buy price will be lower, and you will make a profit sooner when the price rises again. You do need deep pockets for this technique, as you will need to keep doubling down on your investment.

Another way to make up for a loss-making position is Short and Trailing Stop-Short. This way of shorting is not the traditional way, where you make a profit by shorting. Our shorting is a buyback function. 

When you expect a position to make a more significant loss, you initiate a Short, and your bot will sell the position. When you think the price has reached its bottom, you consolidate your short, and it will directly buy back the position. 

Trailing Stop-Short helps you by shorting automatically by buying back when the price rises again.


You only have made a profit, when you’ve sold your investments for a stable currency like the Dollar or the Euro. Tools like the Take-Profit, Stop-Loss, and Trailing Stop-Loss are ideal for helping you sell.

The Stop-loss is, unfortunately, not a tool to make profit but to prevent further losses. It may feel counter-intuitive to use it, but it’s vital for a trader! For example, if 60% of your buys are positive and 40% negative, then your Stop-Loss will help filter out the bad buys. If you don’t use a stop-loss, you will end up with what we call “bags”—positions in a deep loss that you should’ve sold earlier.

The Take-Profit is an incredibly simple tool to sell automatically. You tell your bot at how much percent profit it should sell automatically. This is useful if you have an understanding of where supports & resistances in a price lie. 

If you don’t have an idea of where the price could go, the Trailing Stop-Loss is a brilliant and accessible tool. It tracks the price up and sells your position when the price goes down for a percentage. This is a very popular tool among our traders.

Copy Trading

Officially called “Mirror Trading”. You can completely follow experts on our platform and have them decide when to buy or sell. There are several ways how you can copy traders on our platform.

Fully copy an expert. Subscribe to signalers or buy a Copy bot subscription who send out trading signals on which your bot can trade automatically on. We offer a marketplace where you can easily judge the performance of signalers and Copy bots. You don’t need to follow the sell signals they send, but you can also Semi copy a trader. Use the Stop-Loss to protect against deep losses and let the Trailing Stop-Loss help you sell at the right moment.

Templates are preconfigured bots that have these settings already set up for you. 

Do you want more control? Strategies are packages with algorithms that scan the markets for you. You can backtest these strategies to see if they perform well in the current market. 

Full Automatic Trading

The real deal. We encourage this way of trading, but you will need to understand how the bot scans the markets and how to utilize all tools. We’ve covered the essential tools to use when buying and selling in the “Semi-Automatic Trading” part. The only thing that’s missing is the automated technical analysis. Yes, that sounds difficult, but it’s not that hard.

We will not cover the ins and outs of technical analysis here, but we can give you an idea of how full automatic trading looks like. 

Most important is your choice on which coins you’re going to trade and how you will spot the best buying opportunities automatically. Configure your coins in the Config -> Baseconfig -> Coins & Amounts.

Next up, either select a strategy that you’ve downloaded from the marketplace that your bot is going to use to scan the market,

Or build one yourself in the Strategy Builder! Select the indicators you are going to use to and test your strategy until you’re satisfied. 

Did you know that you can even configure a different strategy per coin? Use config pools to set a different strategy or buy/sell setting per coin.

That’s it! It’s no rocket science, it’s just something that’s maybe totally new, and that has a bit of a learning curve. It may feel overwhelming to set your first steps in the world of automatic trading, but you will learn quickly and be able to impress your friends within no time.

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