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Portfolio Management

Manage your complete portfolio with Cryptohopper, all from one place. Did you know that the basic functionality of Cryptohopper is actually free? Our Pioneer package offers free manual trading. Connect all your exchanges by creating bots and linking them to your exchange accounts.

Here, we describe several ways how you can set up your portfolio with Cryptohopper and how you can manage your portfolio like never before.

Managing your portfolio with Cryptohopper.


If you just want to track what you already have, there’s actually not so much you have to do. Just switch your bots to see your positions. You can access the stats page to see how the Hopper you are watching is performing. Sell positions directly from your dashboard if you need to. 

Using the Advanced View (Recommended)

Access the Advanced View by clicking the “Advanced View” button on the top right on your Dashboard.

This view offers everything that your exchange also has, but it makes it way easier to track your investments since your positions are also shown. Easily place manual buy/sell orders and check the charts.

Users with an Explorer subscription or higher assigned to this bot, can even directly use features like a Take-ProfitStop-Loss, Trailing Stop-Loss and the Trailing Stop-Buy while placing their order. Tools like Shorting and DCA can be done directly in this view as well.

Our unique Advanced View even shows an order book where you can literally drag and drop orders. How cool is that!

Want to manage another exchange account? Just go to “View All Hoppers” dropdown, select and select another bot.

This functionality is unique compared to exchanges and shows why trading with external software is vital for a trader who wants to be successful. 

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