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Manual buy order

Hi there, Hoppers!

Some of our users prefer the use of the hopper for a different reason than others, we have people who are very experienced traders and prefer the look and feel of the hopper over the exchange, so they use the Manual buy order widget.

Others like buying a bigger position than regular or like doing a DCA order on their own accord by buying manually and merging after instead of using the double down DCA tool we have built in.

All is possible with the manual buy order widget, it shows you a quick overview on a couple of key things for manual trading.

  • The amount of base-currency you have
  • The coin you want to buy
  • For which price you want to buy the coin
  • the amount of coins you wish to buy
  • The amount of profit you want to make on that trade (can be changed via the info button later on)
  • the sell price you wish for the asset to be sold at (if you fill in either profit percentage or sell price it will calculate the other one automatically)
  • wether to use Trailing stop buy or not
  • The trailing percentage
  • the total you wish to spend on the asset

All in all is this a very handy tool to quickly place orders.

Make sure you know what you are doing and which indicators you like using before doing this!

Happy Hopping!

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