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The cryptohopper output

Hi there, Hoppers!

The output may very well be the most important part of your hopper as it will tell you what the hopper is up to if it is going smooth or if it ran in to something.

Always send a print-screen of your output to our support staff so they can help you better !

The output widget and it's buttons

From the top left to the bottom right, buttons are everywhere on your output widget.

They are vital to seeing exactly what you need

Date range

This handy button will allow you to check the hoppers logs from a set time window, handy if you ran into an issue and want to check if it has been going on a while

Errors only switch

If you want to filter on the messages which have the type "ERROR", note that you won't see anything else.

Live feed switch

If you want to see what is happening currently and set it to automatically update with current events.

Refresh button

If you want to refresh the output, or check if something has changed, click here!

The output itself

after getting to know the buttons on your widget, take a look at the current output. it will show you if your hopper is trading currently by displaying something in the likes of 

Getting ticker data

This will do a request to the exchange about the current "Ticker" which is the current price of the asset

New target found

This means that the hopper has found a coin that fits your given Criteria, for example, both Bollinger bands and RSI signal a buy for XMR the hopper will target and attempt to buy XMR for the current ticker.

Calculated buy amount X

This is the amount the hopper will spend on a position, make sure this is more than 20 usd eq!

The Types of messages

There are 2 types of messages


Which lists most of the things your hopper does, as well as some general data about its current targets and if a coin is temporarily unavailable


This message should be noted! as they contain errors in your hopper, it will show if the API key is faulty, if the link to the exchange is lost etc

Happy Hopping!

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