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Money invested

Hi there, Hoppers!

On the upper right corner of your dashboard is the overview of your money invested.

It lists:

1. your Base Currency invested (Do note that this is the maximum amount the hopper has invested and not the current amount!)

2. Your Total Base Currency Returns (Do note that this is the maximum you have gained and not the current amount!) You can click on the reset button to reset this amount and let the hopper synchronize current amounts.

3. Total Base Currency/USD in assets on exchange (Note that this amount represents the worth of your Entire Portfolio, if a coin you are holding isn't present in your base-currency it won't be counted, so chances are that after a base currency change you will be "missing" some coins. Click on the blue abreviation of your base currency to see the worth in USD.

4. Your start balance is a custom amount you can fill in for reference, either use it as a goal or set it to see how much profit you have made comperatively.

There are several buttons on the top right corner of your summary, a manual refresh button, a minimize button and a delete button.

Remember that you can always recover your removed widgets by clicking on the little eye Icon in the top right corner of your dashboard, this will allow you to add and remove widgets.

Happy Hopping!

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