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The current target

Hi there, Hoppers!

Below the manual buy order widget we have the current target, a simple widget, but a important one at that!

It will show you a couple of important things:


Whenever the hopper displays the "searching" message it means that it is checking your current TA for every coin you have allowed.

No target found

This means that no coin fit your criteria and the hopper is currently in cooldown waiting for a new run

Target found

This means that a coin did fit your criteria, the hopper targeted it and is currently trying to buy it !

Last check

This shows when the hopper did the previous run, do note that this shows when the hopper started its run and not ended, also, the hopper works in intervals

Show signals for: and TA values

This indicator combines with the TA values section to show you which values your TA has currently and for which coin

Happy Hopping!

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